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Picking Winners for Week 16 in the NFL

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

Here are the results so far and predictions for the rest of the games.

Jacksonville at New York Jets New York Jets, but Jacksonville won.

Seattle at Kansas City Kansas City.

New York Giants at Minnesota Minnesota.

Detroit at Carolina Detroit, but Carolina won.

Atlanta at Baltimore Baltimore.

Houston at Tennessee Tennessee, but Houston won.

Cincinnati at New England Cincinnati.

Buffalo at Chicago Buffalo.

New Orleans at Cleveland Cleveland, but New Orleans won.

Washington at San Francisco San Francisco.

Philadelphia at Dallas Dallas.

Las Vegas at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. You just knew the Steelers would pull this out for the memory of Franco Harris.

Green Bay at Miami Miami. The Dolphins will not have the same huge advantage that hot weather normally brings, but the Packers have not set the world on fire this year anyway.

Denver at Los Angeles Rams Denver. The Rams just don't have anything to play for. The Broncos don't either, but they need to get Russell Wilson in rhythm before the season is over.

Tampa Bay at Arizona Tampa Bay. As badly as the Buccaneers have played, they are still in control of their destiny for making the playoffs, and the Cardinals are on their 53rd quarterback of the season!

Los Angeles Chargers at Indianapolis Los Angeles Chargers. I don't see the Colts beating much of anybody at this point, much less a solid Chargers team.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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