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Picking Winners for Week 10 in the NFL

Thought for today...

Don't judge someone just because they sin differently than you.

Atlanta at Carolina Atlanta, but Carolina won.

Tampa Bay vs. Seattle (in Munich, Germany) Tampa Bay. Tom Brady is a big star, and Seattle is a little team from the Northwest that shouldn't be able to win, but the Seahawks are playing good football. I'm afraid the stage might be too big for the Seahawks, so Tampa Bay should win this one.

Denver at Tennessee Tennessee. The Titans played great defense against the Chiefs last week, and if Patrick Mahomes hadn't put on his Superman cape, they would have won. If they give the same effort, they will beat the Broncos in Nashville.

Jacksonville at Kansas City Kansas City. The Jaguars have scored 20 more points than they have given up this year, so even though their record is 3-6, they are playing close games. The Chiefs don't seem to blow anyone out these days, so I expect a close game, and yes, I expect the Chiefs to win.

Cleveland at Miami Miami. Expect the Browns to not be able to keep up with the Dolphins speed on offense. I do think it's a close game.

Houston at New York Giants New York Giants. The Giants are not that great of a team if you ask me, but they should have enough to knock off the lowly Texans in New York.

Minnesota at Buffalo Buffalo. The Vikings are 7-1 and have won a lot of close games. I'm asked to pick this game without knowing if Josh Allen will play. Case Keenum is the backup quarterback for the Bills, and he was let go in Minnesota, so he will have a chip on his shoulder if he gets to play. That means I think the Bills will win whether Josh Allen plays or not.

New Orleans at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. The Saints are favored, but the Steelers get TJ Watt back this week. He makes a big difference to the Steelers confidence, and I think they will win this one at home.

Detroit at Chicago Chicago. Justin Fields has played much better the last few weeks. The Lions are not bad at home, but on the road they are atrocious.

Indianapolis at Las Vegas Las Vegas. The Colts have a brand new head coach in Jeff Saturday. He can give the Colts an emotional boost, but if the Raiders can't beat the Colts with the way the Colts have been playing, then Davante Adams will want to hop back on a plane to Green Bay.

Dallas at Green Bay Dallas. Speaking of Green Bay, the Packers have not exactly set the world on fire lately with their five game losing streak. I hear the smart money in Vegas is on the Packers this week. I think that smart money will look pretty stupid at the end of this game!

Arizona at Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are just not a good football team right now, but the Cardinals are so bad that they probably can't take advantage of the Rams poor play.

Los Angeles Chargers at San Francisco San Francisco. If the 49ers are as physical and dominant as I think they will be the second half of this season, they will control both lines of scrimmage against the Chargers and win this one.

Washington at Philadelphia Philadelphia. The Eagles are the only undefeated team left in the NFL, and I think it will take a better team than the Commanders to give them their first loss.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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