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Why Tom Brady Shouldn't Come Back

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

The sports talk shows are spending a tremendous amount of time talking about whether Tom Brady will indeed retire and stay retired. Most of them say he will come back. Let’s analyze it.

1) Brady can play the quarterback position at a high level, even though he will be 45 years old in August. That sounds like a reason to keep playing. Most of the people who play football have to be dragged off of the field. They want to keep playing. But, Brady isn’t your average player. I think he would rather go out at or near the top.

2) What’s left to prove? Brady has won seven Super Bowls. That’s three more than any other quarterback and two more than any player at any position. Overwhelmingly, he’s seen as the greatest quarterback of all time. I think Joe Montana is at least his equal, but I’m in the minority.

3) Everyone debated which was more important regarding the Patriots dynasty. Was it Bill Belichick, or was it Tom Brady? We thought we would never know the answer, but Brady left Belichick and won a Super Bowl in his first year away from him. So, nearly everyone has conceded that Brady won that debate.

4) Brady’s wife wants him to retire. Gisele asked Brady what was there left to prove after he won his last Super Bowl. She wanted him to retire before that Super Bowl year. After that year, she begrudgingly supported Brady’s decision to play more.

5) But, wouldn’t Brady want to go out a Super Bowl winner? I don’t think so. He tried to run it back, but Tampa Bay fell short. It wasn’t Brady’s fault. He was down to the Rams 27-3 late in the third quarter. He helped bring them back to tie the game. Is there any doubt that he would have won the game if he had seen the ball one more time? There is no doubt in my mind. So, he led this massive comeback, and it was out of his control that he lost. That’s a good way to go out if you ask me.

So, in summary, people can hope or think that Brady is coming back. He should be content with what he has accomplished. Thanks for the thrills, but don't damage your legacy by hanging on too long.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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