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Trevor Lawrence Just Got Paid What?! How about Tua, Love and Dak?

Trevor Lawrence just signed a contract worth $55 million per year. That ties Joe Burrow for the richest per year contract in NFL history. Was he worth it? How about the other three quarterbacks who are ready for contract extensions? Here is what I think about all four quarterbacks.

Trevor Lawrence - Lawrence has had a moderate amount of success in his three year career. He has won 20 and lost 30. His first year was a disaster, partly due to Urban Meyer being his head coach. So, why pay him $55 million per year? Well, he made the playoffs in his second year, and if you are Jacksonville, you have to pay him. What would they be without him? Most people outside of the northern part of Florida and the Clemson area could care less if he wasn't on the team. Shoot, most people could care less anyway, but you can't drift into total irrelevance! London would like an NFL team. If any team moves to London, Jacksonville is the overwhelming favorite to go there. The NFL has scheduled them for not one but two games over there this year. Jacksonville needs a star, and Lawrence is by far the closest thing they have to a star. He's not even in the same neighborhood of being as good as Joe Burrow, but $55 million is what it took to make Lawrence's agent happy.

Tua Tagovailoa - If I'm ranking the best quarterbacks in the NFL, I have to get below 10 to get to Tua. I know he threw for more yards than anyone else last year, but he had a track team full of receivers and a good running game to keep defenses honest. A lot of quarterbacks could throw for that many yards with his receivers and with his innovative head coach. If he wants more than $50 million per year, I'd let him sit out a few games and think about it. In this market, he's worth about $40-$45 million, but the Dolphins will probably cave and give him more than that.

Jordan Love - He sat on his rear for a couple of years before getting to play much at all. When he finally played last year, he had it rough the first half of the year. However, something seemed to click with him in the last half of the season, and he was very good in the playoffs. The Packers made the final eight teams with him at the helm. To be fair his head coach is so good at drawing up plays that a lot of quarterbacks would have had success. Love would like to get paid this offseason. He will be looking for over $50 million, too. If I was running the Packers, I would want to see a few more games before giving him the bag. If he plays well into Thanksgiving, go ahead and pay the man, but I want to see a little more before I commit because he didn't look good at all before the tail end of last year.

Dak Prescott - Dak has one more year left on his contract. He wants to get paid now, and you can bet he will want at least $55 million if not $60 million per year. Dallas gave him a contract a few years ago that promised to not put the franchise tag on him. The only other quarterback they have on the roster who MIGHT be a long-term answer is Trey Lance, and neither the Cowboys nor anyone else is willing to bet the farm on that. So, should Dallas pay Dak? Everyone is saying Dallas is stuck and that they can't afford to not pay him. He has mostly performed extremely well except for the playoffs, but he has mostly stunk in the playoffs. He's had eight years to show what he can do. Almost every healthy year, he makes the playoffs, but he has yet to get to the NFC Championship game much less the Super Bowl. If you ask me, he's stuck in Alex Smith mode. He's really good from a statistics standpoint, and he wins most of his home games, but he shrinks in the biggest of moments. Dallas will probably pay him, but I would not. I'd offer $50 million. If he doesn't take it, I'd let him play out this year and sign the best free agent quarterback I could persuade to come and/or draft the best quarterback I could.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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