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The Impact of COVID-19 on This NFL Year

COVID-19 didn't wreck last year's NFL schedule. In fact, all games that were impacted were able to be rescheduled. We watched our teams play at or near full strength. The postseason went off with no problems, and that was before any players could get a vaccine. Now that a vaccine is readily available and most players and staff members have taken the vaccine, you are probably thinking... What could go wrong this year? The answer is PLENTY.

Before you think I'm preaching gloom and doom, I think the NFL will be able to get the season in. However, I do not think the games will go as smoothly as last year. Here are some of the reasons why your team could get the shaft.

The NFL has already said if your favorite team has a COVID situation to the point of not being able to play a game and that situation is caused by unvaccinated players and the league is not able to reschedule the game, then your team will get a loss, not a "no contest" but a loss.

Last year, players were mostly petrified of catching the virus, so they were careful, really careful. Now that the vaccine is available to anyone who wants it, you have a situation where players are either not getting the vaccine or they have taken the vaccine and are feeling pretty good about going about their normal business. They are hearing that you can still get the virus, but almost nobody that has had the vaccine and is in their age group is getting seriously ill. So, the players will not be nearly as careful as last year.

The Delta variant is much more contagious than the original version of the virus.

When you combine the above factors. the likelihood of your favorite team having players with COVID is pretty high. Even if the player or players who get COVID have been vaccinated and feel perfectly fine, they have to sit out until they no longer test positive. I think forfeit situations will be rare if they happen at all, but the odds are extremely high that a critical player to a team's success will have to sit out a game or two. It's a fine line in the NFL on making the playoffs or missing them. If your quarterback has to sit out a game or two, it could literally be the difference between making or missing the playoffs OR getting home field advantage in a playoff game or missing out on it.

If it happens to one or more teams, think back to this post and remember that Draftman Rick told you there was a good chance of it happening... a REALLY good chance.

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