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The Christian's Playbook

In football if you want to please the head coach and give yourself the best chance to win, you have to study the playbook. Some football players don't study the playbook well enough. A pass catcher might run their route the wrong way so that when the quarterback throws the ball expecting the pass catcher to be at a certain place, the pass is incomplete, or worse, it's intercepted and can cost the pass catcher's team to lose the game.

The Christian is not alone without any guidance. They have a playbook, too. It's called the Bible. Similarly to a football game, the game of life presents lots of challenges. Sometimes, a Christian just reacts to a situation, and things go very badly for them. The reason is they didn't study their playbook, the Bible, well enough. Let's look at an example.

A teenaged Christian decides to go to a party with some new friends. The Christian heard that there might be some drinking and knew the new friends tend to drink at parties, but the Christian wants to be "included" and decides to go. The Christian goes to the party. He or she even decides not to drink. After the party, everyone gets in one of the friend's car to go home. The friend was not as diligent. They drank... a lot... and decided to drive. On the way home an accident happened, and the Christian was badly injured. If the Christian had studied the Bible enough to have remembered that it warns against putting oneself in circumstances like this, he or she could have avoided being in the accident.

What if football players ran the route they wanted to run, regardless of what the playbook called for? They might have their own ideas of how the play should be run, so they just do their own thing. It might make them happy for a minute, but they are not going to be successful much at all. It's the same for Christians. We need to spend time studying the playbook.

Do you read your Bible daily? It doesn't have to be a whole chapter. Just a few verses each day add up quickly. It gives us great guidance and helps us make great decisions when life throws us curves. We don't need to wonder what to do. The Bible along with the Holy Spirit will guide us in what to do which will make life's challenges much, much easier to tackle.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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