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Results of My 2023 NFL Division Winner and Playoff Participant Predictions

Let's look back at who I picked to win the NFL divisions and make the playoffs.

AFC East - I picked Buffalo to win, and they did.

AFC North - I picked Cincinnati to win, but Baltimore won.

AFC South - I picked Jacksonville to win, but Houston won.

AFC West - I picked Kansas City to win, and they did.

NFC East - I picked Philadelphia, but Dallas won.

NFC North - I picked Detroit to win, and they did.

NFC South - I picked New Orleans to win, but Tampa Bay won.

NFC West - I picked San Francisco to win, and they did.

That's 4 out of 8. Not great but pretty good since the NFL is so unpredictable. Fox Sports talk show host, Colin Cowherd, makes a big deal over his predictions each year. He got 3 out of 8 this year.

My playoff predictions were...


1 Buffalo

2 Kansas City

3 Cincinnati

4 Jacksonville

5 Baltimore

6 Los Angeles Chargers

7 New York Jets


1 San Francisco

2 Philadelphia

3 Detroit

4 New Orleans

5 Dallas

6 Seattle

7 Minnesota

Actual was...


1 Baltimore

2 Buffalo

3 Kansas City

4 Houston

5 Cleveland

6 Miami

7 Pittsburgh


1 San Francisco

2 Dallas

3 Detroit

4 Tampa Bay

5 Philadelphia

6 Los Angeles Rams

7 Green Bay

That's 7 teams that made it out of 14. Since half of the teams that make the playoffs the previous year generally don't make it back, I think 7 out of 14 is pretty good. Colin Cowherd got 8 out of 14.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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