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Picking Winners for Week 8 in the NFL

Baltimore at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay, but Baltimore won.

Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium Denver. Denver's offense has been horrible, but I think their defense will win a game sooner rather than later.

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Philadelphia. The Steelers have a knack of playing well when they are counted out, but I think they will come up just short against the Eagles.

New England at New York Jets New York Jets. I know. I know. The Patriots have beaten the Jets 137 straight times. Well, almost! All good things must come to an end. I just think the Jets are a better ball team right now.

Miami at Detroit Miami. Tua has played better than expected this year. Watch out for the Lions. They could pull the upset, but I think the Dolphins defense will prevail.

Las Vegas at New Orleans Las Vegas. I think the Raiders are better than their record, and I don't think the Saints are much better than their record. If Andy Dalton can avoid interceptions, the Saints might win it. Fat chance of that lately.

Chicago at Dallas Dallas. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Bears upset the Cowboys. I hear superstar pass rusher Micah Parsons is questionable to play. If he doesn't play, the Cowboys better look out.

Arizona at Minnesota Minnesota. Have I told you that I don't think the Cardinals are very good? This might be the 4th time. I expect the Vikings will take the Cardinals for granted and still win a close one.

Carolina at Atlanta Atlanta. The winner of this game will be in first place in the NFC South. That's not saying much. The NFC South petitioned to appear on the Jerry Springer show but were turned down because they had no fight left in them!

Tennessee at Houston I have no idea. The Titans have ruled out their starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, so Malik Willis will make his NFL debut as a starter. He played in one other game against Buffalo in the 3rd quarter when Tannehill got hurt. The Texans aren't supposed to be any good, but they put forth a good effort at home a lot of the time. I am bound by law to make a pick... Tennessee.

San Francisco at Los Angeles Rams San Francisco. The 49ers have lost two in a row, but they seem to have the Rams number at least in the regular season. The Rams knocked the 49ers out of the Super Bowl last year with an NFC Championship Game win, so the emotion of revenge will be with the 49ers.

New York Giants at Seattle Seattle. I think the Giants run of close wins will stop in Seattle. The Seahawks are playing surprisingly well, and Seahawks Stadium, now known as CenturyLink Field, has always been a madhouse to play in.

Washington at Indianapolis Indianapolis. The Colts have benched Matt Ryan in favor of Sam Ehlinger. I don't expect much out of Ehlinger, but it won't take much to beat the Commanders.

Green Bay at Buffalo Buffalo. Aaron Rodgers has won 13 straight primetime games. That will very likely come to a screeching halt on Sunday night. The Bills are just too complete of a team to let the Packers beat them when the Packers lack offense punch.

Cincinnati at Cleveland Cincinnati. WR Jamar Chase will be out for a few weeks. That could hurt the Bengals, but Joe Burrow should rally them over the Browns with a 4th quarter comeback.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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