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Picking Winners for Week 5 in the NFL

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Chicago Bears at Washington Commanders Washington, but Chicago won.

Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars in London Jacksonville. The Jaguars are very familiar with this stadium, plus the Bills can't seem to score many points on them when they play.

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis. RB Jonathan Taylor has signed a big contract and plans to play. He could be the difference in this close matchup.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore. This is a rivalry game, and I'm tempted to go with the home team, but the Ravens are playing really well right now.

New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots New England. I don't have a good reason, LOL. I just think the Patriots are due for a decent game, and I don't know if Derek Carr will play.

New York Giants at Miami Dolphins Miami. The Dolphins are coming off of a loss and will be hopping mad.

Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions Detroit. The Panthers might not have enough offense to score with the Lions.

Houston Texans at Atlanta Falcons Atlanta. The Falcons have a lot of confidence when they play at home. The Texans are playing well, but it will be hard to win this one on the road.

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams Philadelphia. The Eagles have to lose sometime, and this could be the week, but I'll take the better team to pull it out.

Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals Cincinnati. The Bengals have to start their charge or risk falling too far behind in their division to mount one.

Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings Kansas City. I'll take the better quarterback in this game.

New York Jets at Denver Broncos New York Jets. Sean Payton told the world that the Broncos were poorly coached last year. Well, their head coach last year happens to be the offensive coordinator for the Jets, and the Jets aren't one bit happy about Mr. Payton running his mouth about their coach.

Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers San Francisco. If the Cowboys are ever going to beat the 49ers, this would probably be the game since the 49ers have knocked them out of the playoffs the last two years. This regular season game means more to the Cowboys, but I still like the 49ers defense to win a close game.

Green Bay Packers at Las Vegas Raiders Green Bay. The Raiders are slight favorites in this game, but I have to see them win a big game with their new cast of characters. Jordan Love doesn't give me a lot of confidence in my pick, but I think the Packers will have just enough.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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