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Picking Winners for Week 4 in the NFL

Thought for today...

Fifty-five people gave their hearts to Jesus at a revival in Spartanburg last night!

Miami at Cincinnati Cincinnati.

Minnesota at New Orleans Minnesota. Jameis Winston has been ruled out of this game. That swings the pendulum over to the Vikings in my mind.

Cleveland at Atlanta Atlanta. The Browns are the overall better team, but Myles Garrett had a traffic accident and will not play. The Browns will miss Garrett who is arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL.

Buffalo at Baltimore Buffalo. I know Baltimore has Lamar Jackson. He is great, and they are playing at home, but I just think the Bills defense will be better coming off of a tough loss in Miami last week.

Washington at Dallas Dallas. If the Commanders were worth ten cents, they would probably win this game, but at last check, they were only worth 8.5 cents!

Seattle at Detroit Detroit. Detroit plays teams very tough. I think they will win this one at home.

Los Angeles Chargers at Houston Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers have big time injury problems. They seem to have them every year. I think they will rally just enough to hold off the Texans.

Tennessee at Indianapolis Indianapolis. The Colts won a game they should not have won last week, but that just might give them the confidence they need to pull out a close one.

Chicago at New York Giants New York Giants. Who would have thought the Bears would be 2-1 at this point? Who would have thought the Giants would be 2-1 at this point? I'll go with the home team, I guess.

Jacksonville at Philadelphia Philadelphia. If the Eagles think the Jaguars are an easier team to beat than some others they have played, they will fall into the same trap as the Colts and Chargers have this year. The Jags are actually pretty good and getting better.

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. The Steelers have lost two in a row. They are playing at home against a team that they should beat. They will be ready for the Jets.

Arizona at Carolina Arizona. I was all set to pick the Panthers, then I heard how poorly Baker Mayfield has performed against the blitz this year. That means the Cardinals are a bad matchup for the Panthers because the Cardinals will definitely blitz... a lot!

New England at Green Bay Green Bay. The Patriots are playing Brian Hoyer at quarterback this week which means the Packers get a bye. Sometimes, the Packers struggle to beat a bye, but I think they can win by about seven to ten points.

Denver at Las Vegas Las Vegas. The Raiders aren't going to lose forever, and I have very little confidence in the Broncos offense to keep up this week.

Kansas City at Tampa Bay Kansas City. Two really good teams are playing in Tampa Bay. Normally, I would take the home team to win, but I think the Chiefs are remembering what the Buccaneers did to them the last time they matched up which was in Super Bowl LV.

Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco San Francisco. Until the Rams won the NFC Championship game against the 49ers, the 49ers had their number with several wins in a row. I'll take Jimmy G. and company to start a new streak.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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