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Picking Winners for the Divisional Round in the NFL

The Divisional round is the most fun football weekend of the year for me. Here's how I see it.

Houston at Baltimore Baltimore. C. J. Stroud's great rookie season will come to an end barring a minor miracle. The Ravens are just a way, way better team.

Green Bay at San Francisco San Francisco. I give the Packers a chance in this one, but everything will need to go their way. One thing that might go their way is the weather. It's supposed to rain most of the game if not all of it. I think Jordan Love is a stronger quarterback than Brock Purdy, so he would be better equipped to throw the ball in the rain. I still believe the story of this game will be the 49ers defensive line. It's top notch, and their short passing game should click enough to win this game.

Tampa Bay at Detroit Detroit. Let's face it. The Buccaneers pretty much had a bye last week due to the Eagles playing as badly as a playoff team could play. This week will be a lot different with the Lions playing in front of a crazy crowd. I'll be shocked if the Buccaneers can pull it off.

Kansas City at Buffalo Buffalo. The Chiefs have had the Bills number in the postseason. If that's going to change, this would be the year to do it with the Chiefs offense being down a couple of notches this year. I expect Mahomes to show up and do very well in this game, but in the end, I think this is the Bills year to get the job done. Josh Allen is almost impossible to stop when he needs to make a winning drive. Mahomes is equally impossible to stop, but I think it's the Bills turn to get the ball last.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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