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Picking Winners for the Conference Championship Round in the NFL

It's down to the last four teams. Here's how I see it.

Kansas City at Baltimore Baltimore. Patrick Mahomes might be the best I have ever seen at the quarterback position, but the Chiefs are beaten up after the Buffalo game. On top of the other injuries the Chiefs have, Joe Thuney is out as is Willie Gay. I don't see the Chiefs being able to control the Ravens running game. I think Mahomes will keep it close for most of the game, but I think the Ravens will get a score or field goal when they need one.

Detroit at San Francisco San Francisco. The 49ers are at home. They have beaten a lot of very good teams, including a hot Green Bay Packers team. Detroit is an excellent team, but they don't have the playoff experience that the 49ers have. I see the 49ers defensive line putting some pressure on Jared Goff and causing mistakes. I'll take the 49ers by about a touchdown.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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