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Get Off Your High Horse, Nancy Armour

Nancy Armour is a sportswriter for the USA Today newspaper. Hang on, I messed up already. Nancy Armour is a writer who appears in the USA Today sports pages but who rarely writes about sports contests. Basically, she picks on people in sports who do not share her ultra-liberal/ultra-progressive and often unbiblical points of view. For example, she thinks Colin Kaepernick deserves a job as a starting QB in the NFL, regardless of his lack of accuracy when throwing a football, because he kneeled for the national anthem. She has launched tirade after tirade on the NFL owners for not handing him a job over the last few years.

Once in a while, I agree with her. While she often overblows many of the race related stories that she writes, she will occasionally be on point with something in that regard that needs to be pointed out and corrected. It doesn't happen much, but she does root upon an acorn once in a while.

Her latest complaint is about Ben Roethlisberger. While well over 90% of the stories I have seen on Big Ben in the last few years are either praising him for his toughness or criticizing him for his lack of arm strength - both very fair points - Nancy has chosen his likely time of retirement to bring back up his rape accusations that happened about a dozen years ago. Big Ben was no saint in his younger days. He did some things that should not have been done. I could not tell you if he really did commit rape, but I do know the charges were dropped. And, I do know that Ben says he put God at the center of his life in 2011 and has since rededicated his life to Jesus Christ. Ever since then and as far as I know, Ben's reputation has been spotless. He has helped tons of people with his community service and has spoken at Christian functions. Nancy choses to never forgive anyone of anything they have done. It doesn't matter if God has forgiven them or not.

I don't think Nancy would ever look positively upon someone who trusted Jesus. She's had tons of chances, but if she has ever had one kind thing to say in that regard, I've missed it.

How about all of those stories praising people who have come out of the closet? I've got a few verses in the Bible that I'd like to show her. Her stance on that issue is completely and totally unbiblical. She is so set on picking at people that even those articles she writes take two seconds to praise a person for coming out and five minutes talking about the big, bad establishment that repressed the person for so long.

Nancy, you better hope I never decide to become a private investigator. If I do, I'm very confident I could come up with something you did, maybe back in your teenage days, that would have you casting a few less stones if I told the world about some things you did. By the way, not all NFL owners are conservative Republicans. Some are Democrats. I don't see them offering Kaepernick a job. If he could help them win a ballgame, someone would have hired him. While I'm at it, Nancy, I'll stand for the national anthem if I want to. You can kneel, sit in a corner, or stand on your head while spinning like a top. You insist on being judge and jury over so many people, many of whom are trying to do the right things today, but I've got news for you... God will be the ultimate judge, not you. So, come off of your high horse. The fall from way up there is a doozy!

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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