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Ego Kills the Dallas Cowboys

When playing football, confidence can be a good thing. If you believe you can make a play or win a game and you combine that with strong effort, you have a good chance of winning a game. The thing that can get a team in trouble is when confidence morphs into ego. Historically, no team has more of it than the Dallas Cowboys. As the old saying goes, they got it honestly. The Cowboys had really good teams from about 1970 through the mid-1990's. They won five Super Bowls. When they won their last one, they had won more Super Bowls than any other team. Since that day, their fans and the team itself believe every single year that the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl, and every year they come up short. They often get on a roll, then ego takes hold. Many of their fans run their mouths incessantly about how they are going to win the next game. The team puts up less than full effort because their ego gets in the way to make them think they can just tee the ball up, kick it off, and win the game.

The most recent example is this year. They had a 6-1 record when the Denver Broncos came to town. Denver isn't too much to write home about this year. They are a good team but certainly not a great one. Basically, Dallas showed up with their egos intact and left with a 30-16 loss that was not nearly as close as the final score indicated. They said that game was a fluke and that they would show up against the Atlanta Falcons. They did, and Dallas won 43-3.

Dallas vowed to come into the next game in Kansas City and take care of business. An Amazon driver delivered a package to my house two days before the game, and when he saw my Chiefs banner, he said, "The Cowboys are gonna beat you on Sunday." I told him everyone was picking Dallas but that might not be a good sign for Dallas. The Chiefs listened to all of the talk all week as did I. The Chiefs proceeded to completely manhandle the Cowboys 19-9. Nine points and zero touchdowns for Dallas. Dak Prescott often looked like a deer in headlights. Did they learn their lesson? Nope. They remembered what they had done to the Falcons after the Denver loss and basically said they would take it out on the Raiders on Thanksgiving Day. The Raiders got sick and tired of listening to the Dallas ego trip all week. I would like to say the Raiders' offense went through Dallas' defense like a sieve, but that would be disrespectful to a sieve!

Will Dallas and their fans ever learn? You would think after 25 years of failures, they would eventually get a dose of humility. They seem to get lots of doses of it only to forget it less than two days later and jump right back on the ego train. So, Dallas fans, after 25 years, would you please just shut your mouths. Ego is killing your team and making you all look like ding-a-lings. And, I think I'll order something else from Amazon and pray that the same driver delivers it!

Feel free to pass this along to your favorite ego-filled Cowboys fan. Just maybe they will get the message one day.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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