Eagles are in Playoffs if Vikings Lose to Packers Sunday Night

I am a master of NFL playoff tie-breaking procedures. If you want to know how a team can get in or what the likelihood is, feel free to ask me, so here is a bit of news that most of the talking heads will be late to pick up on...

If the Vikings lose to the Packers, the Eagles are in the playoffs. Here's why.

We have 3 wildcard spots with the Cardinals or Rams clinching one of them.

The Eagles and 49ers have the next best record of 9-7.

If the Vikings lose, the only team that can catch the Eagles or 49ers is the Saints who are 8-8.

If the Saints lose next week, then the Eagles and 49ers would both be in.

If the Saints win and the Eagles and 49ers lose, then you have a three way tie at 9-8. The 49ers would drop out of that tie-breaker due to a worse NFC conference record which would put the Eagles and Saints in.

If the Saints and 49ers win and the Eagles lose, then the 49ers are in with the best record while the Eagles would go in over the Saints due to a head-to-head win by the Eagles over the Saints.

So, all the Eagles need is a Vikings loss in the Sunday night game, and you can bank on that happening.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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