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Dallas is Caught in Quarterback Never Never Land

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

The Dallas Cowboys lost again in the playoffs. They last won a Super Bowl at the end of the 1995 season. I attended it. I was a young man back then, LOL! That's how long it's been. The last time they even appeared in an NFC Championship Game was two weeks earlier when they beat the Green Bay Packers. So, they have not made the final four of the NFL in 27 years. For all of the talk and press that the Cowboys get, that's how long it's been. Owner Jerry Jones might give his right arm to win another Super Bowl. Back at the start of the season, he said that he would do pretty much anything to see Dallas in another Super Bowl.

The Cowboys are not in a good place to get there. In my opinion, here is the biggest reason why not. Their quarterback, Dak Prescott, is very good but not great, certainly not consistently great. He can beat the tar out of mediocre teams, especially at home, but when the lights are the brightest and against excellent teams, he shrinks.

As a quarterback, you either have that extra gear that separates very good from great or you don't. The history of Prescott's career is showing us that he does not. The Kansas City Chiefs were in a very similar situation. They had Alex Smith as their quarterback. They were making the playoffs and winning most of their regular season games, but they had bitter disappointments with close losses in playoff games. However, the Chiefs did something that almost no other team has the nerve to do if they are in the same situation. They traded up in the first round to pick number 10 overall to take Patrick Mahomes. Alex Smith was very good. He had an excellent winning percentage, but as we all now know, he's not in the class of Mahomes. Dallas is in the same never never land. They can make the playoffs, but they can't get to the NFC Championship Game much less get to a Super Bowl much less win a Super Bowl. If they move up and draft a quarterback, they would be taking a big chance. They could wind up with one who is not as good as Prescott. But, the alternative is they stay in never never land while Jerry Jones gets older and older. It's time to take that chance.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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