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Aaron Rodgers Royally Messed Up

Congratulations to Aaron Rodgers for getting paid. Basically, he told a lie when he said the reports of his new contract being worth $50 million per year were not at all accurate. The last time I checked, three years for $150 million is $50 million per year. That's just the latest "little white lie" that he has told. Because Jordan Love is not ready for prime time and might never be, Rodgers succeeded in getting the Packers to kiss his rear end and make them like it. I'm sure he thought all of his Packer teammates would be overjoyed that he had decided to return and that they would fall in line, take what money they could get and play on.

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2022 regular season. The best receiver in the NFL, Davante Adams, decided that he had enough of Rodgers' selfish, wait until the last minute decision making. He decided to not take the leftover crumbs left on the table by Rodgers. He took a nice $28 million per year contract to play for the Raiders EVEN THOUGH the Packers offered him the same money at the last second which would have salary capped out the whole team after Rodgers pulled his shenanigans. Adams had enough. Can you blame him? He is as good of a player at his position as Rodgers is at his. Every bit as good and probably better!

Rodgers and his biological family had a falling out. He won't talk to them or give them a second chance, and it sounds like he's wearing thin on his professional family, the Packers players. Here's what's going to happen to Rodgers. Due to the NFC North being a historically weak division, the Packers will win it easily. They will have a very good regular season record. However, it won't matter one bit. Rodgers will have to find someone new to throw the ball to in crunch time situations, and they will lose their first or second playoff game as he shrinks yet again. The media will blame the Packers' lack of a go-to receiver, or blame the defense, or blame the special teams, or blame an assistant coach, or blame someone who fumbled, or shoot, they might even blame the bad weather. Rodgers will do interviews with Pat McAfee and tell him about his latest Panchakarma Cleanse. And, absolutely nobody should care because Rodgers brought all of this on himself. No Super Bowl for him. And, while I'm at it, for those who think Rodgers is one of the top three quarterbacks that ever lived, consider this. He can rack up all of the meaningless regular season MVP trophies that he can, but his lifetime playoff record is 11-10, not counting mop up duty in a win over Seattle after the 2007 season. Tom Brady is 35-12, John Elway is 14-8, Terry Bradshaw is 14-5, Joe Montana is 16-7. Patrick Mahomes is just getting started and is 8-3. Of this group, Bradshaw is the only one that Rodgers can be considered to possibly be better than.

Professionally, Rodgers has royally messed up this time. He cut his own throat. Spiritually speaking, he needs Jesus in the worst way. If he made that decision, it would be the first good one that he has made in a very, very long time. Let's hope for the best because it doesn't get much worse.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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