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A Look Back at the Four NFL Divisional Games

Jacksonville at Kansas City - I had picked Kansas City, and they won. It was not a blowout, but they controlled the game. Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars acquitted themselves very well. It was just too much to ask to go into a team's home who is as talented and experienced as the Chiefs and come out with a win EXCEPT for the fact Patrick Mahomes got a high ankle sprain pretty early in the game and could barely move around during the second half. I think the Jaguars are here to stay. Unless Houston, Indianapolis or Tennessee get an upgrade at quarterback, the Jaguars are my favorite to win their division going forward.

New York Giants at Philadelphia - I had picked Philadelphia, and they won easily. The Eagles dominated the game in almost every way. The Giants did not have the horses to compete, period. Jalen Hurts looked like his injured shoulder had healed. He played extremely well.

Cincinnati at Buffalo - My head told me to pick Cincinnati, but I got caught up in the fact that the Bengals were missing three of their starting offensive linemen and picked Buffalo. I ignored the fact that Buffalo had not been playing very good football lately. The Bengals played almost flawless football. Joe Burrow is getting a ton of credit, and he deserves it, but nobody seems to be talking about their defense. It was exceptional. The Bengals are playing as well as anyone right now.

Dallas at San Francisco - I picked San Francisco to win, and they won with the help of two interceptions thrown by Dak Prescott. The Dallas defense played well enough to win. Prescott did not. Prescott had played a great game against Tampa Bay, but he returned to his recent woes of throwing interceptions in this 49ers game. You have to give 49ers QB Brock Purdy credit for making some good throws. He is very poised for his age and experience, but he made some throws that were not so good, and Dallas could have won this game with better quarterback play. In the end, Dallas did what Dallas does... Disappoint their fans and delight their haters.

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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