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2021 Fantasy Football Special

Don't do your fantasy football draft without this information! If you have already done your fantasy draft, either your league commissioner doesn't take the fantasy season seriously or they don't know what they're doing! Serious fantasy football players should never have their draft before the last preseason game is over. You have no idea which players will remain healthy and which won't until the last game is over. What if you had drafted J. K. Dobbins already? Bad idea because he tore his ACL on Saturday and is out for the year! Who's to say a starting QB wouldn't have gone down? Thankfully, that didn't happen, but you get my point.

Here are my feelings about fantasy football. I used to play it and have won leagues before, but I found that I had to pull for my players who often belonged to teams that I hated which caused me a lot of grief. So, I haven't played in several years, but I know the players... very well... so a lot of people ask me fantasy football questions, and I'm happy to help them out.

Below, you will find my ranking by position followed by an overall ranking. So, print this out, get a pen to check off players as they are drafted, and beat those people who set their draft on automatic pilot.

Some of you might wonder why I don't have Christian McCaffrey and Dalvin Cook first and second overall. That's because they both had significant injuries last year. I'd take a chance on them after the first couple of picks, but if I'm lucky enough to get one of the top two picks, I want a player who has proven he can stay healthy. That's the same reason Saquon Barkley isn't number one on my list. He would be if I knew he would be healthy at the start of the season.

Good luck!


1. Patrick Mahomes KC

2. Josh Allen BUF

3. Russell Wilson SEA

4. Lamar Jackson BAL

5. Kyler Murray ARI

6. Aaron Rodgers GB

7. Dak Prescott DAL

8. Justin Herbert LAC

9. Ryan Tannehill TEN

10. Tom Brady TB

11. Matt Ryan ATL

12. Matt Stafford LAR

13. Joe Burrow CIN

14. Derek Carr LV

15. Jalen Hurts PHI

16. Ryan Fitzpatrick WAS

After that, pick whomever makes sense to you at quarterback.


1. Alvin Kamara NO

2. Derrick Henry TEN

3. Christian McCaffrey CAR

4. Saquon Barkley NYG

5. Dalvin Cook MIN

6. Aaron Jones GB

7. Ezekiel Elliott DAL

8. Najee Harris PIT

9. Austin Ekeler LAC

10. Nick Chubb CLE

11. Jonathan Taylor IND

12. Chris Carson SEA

13. Josh Jacobs LV

14. Joe Mixon CIN

15. Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC

16. Antonio Gibson WAS

17. James Robinson JAC

18. Gus Edwards BAL

19. D’Andre Swift DET

20. David Montgomery CHI

21. Kareem Hunt CLE

22. Melvin Gordon III DEN

23. Javonte Williams DEN

24. Sony Michel LAR

25. Raheem Mostert SF

26. Ronald Jones II TB

27. Miles Sanders PHI

28. Myles Gaskin MIA

29. Mike Davis ATL

30. Leonard Fournette TB

31. Phillip Lindsay HOU

32. Darrell Henderson Jr. LAR

After that, just pick your favorite players to finish out the position.


1. Davonte Adams GB

2. Stefon Diggs BUF

3. Tyreek Hill KC

4. DeAndre Hopkins ARI

5. Calvin Ridley ATL

6. Justin Jefferson MIN

7. DK Metcalf SEA

8. Keenan Allen LAC

9. A. J. Brown TEN

10. Allen Robinson II CHI

11. CeeDee Lamb DAL

12. Terry McLaurin WAS

13. Mike Evans TB

14. Amari Cooper DAL

15. Robert Woods LAR

16. Julio Jones TEN

17. Michael Thomas NO (injured until October but worth picking here)

18. Adam Thielin MIN

19. Cooper Kupp LAR

20. Diontae Johnson PIT

21. DJ Moore CAR

22. Tyler Lockett SEA

23. Courtland Sutton DEN

24. Tee Higgins CINF

25. Chris Godwin TB

26. Brandon Aiyuk SF

27. Kenny Golladay NYG

28. Chase Claypool PIT

29. Odell Beckham Jr. CLE

30. Corey Davis NYJ

31. Mike Williams LAC

32. Robby Anderson CAR

33. Tyler Boyd CIN

34. Jarvis Landry CLE

35. Deebo Samuel SF

36. Marquez Callaway NO

37. Jerry Jeudy DEN

38. Curtis Samuel WAS

39. William Fuller V MIA

40. Ja’Marr Chase CIN

41. Juju Smith-Schuster PIT

42. Antonio Brown TB

After that, just pick your favorite players to finish out the position.


1. Travis Kelce KC

2. George Kittle SF

3. Darren Waller LV

4. Mark Andrews BAL

5. T. J. Hockerson DET

6. Logan Thomas WAS

7. Kyle Pitts ATL

8. Dallas Goedert PHI

9. Noah Fant DEN

10. Tyler Higbee LAR

11. Austin Hooper CLE

12. Irv Smith Jr. MIN

13. Robert Tonyan GB

14. Evan Ingram NYG

After that, it probably doesn’t much matter who your second string tight end is.


1. Washington

2. Pittsburgh

3. Tampa Bay

4. Los Angeles Rams

5. San Francisco

6. Baltimore

7. New England

8. Miami

9. Denver

10. Cleveland

11. Buffalo

12. Indianapolis


1. Justin Tucker BAL

2. Harrison Butker KC

3. Jason Sanders MIA

4. Matt Gay LAR

5. Younghoe Koo ATL

6. Ryan Succop TB

7. Brandon McManus DEN

8. Tyler Bass BUF

9. Graham Gano NYG

10. Greg Zuerlein DAL

11. Daniel Carlson LV

12. Rodrigo Blankenship IND


1. Alvin Kamara RB

2. Derrick Henry RB

3. Christian McCaffrey RB

4. Saquon Barkley RB

5. Dalvin Cook RB

6. Aaron Jones RB

7. Ezekiel Elliott RB

8. Davonte Adams WR

9. Stefon Diggs WR

10. Travis Kelce TE

11. Tyreek Hill WR

12. Najee Harris RB

13. DeAndre Hopkins WR

14. Austin Ekeler RB

15. Nick Chubb RB

16. Calvin Ridley WR

17. Jonathan Taylor RB

18. Justin Jefferson WR

19. DK Metcalf WR

20. Keenan Allen WR

21. Patrick Mahomes QB

22. Josh Allen QB

23. A. J. Brown WR

24. George Kittle TE

25. Darren Waller TE

26. Russell Wilson QB

27. Chris Carson RB

28. Allen Robinson II WR

29. CeeDee Lamb WR

30. Terry McLaurin WR

31. Josh Jacobs RB

32. Joe Mixon RB

33. Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB

34. Antonio Gibson RB

35. Mike Evans WR

36. Amari Cooper WR

37. Robert Woods WR

38. Julio Jones WR

39. Michael Thomas WR (injured until October but worth picking here)

40. James Robinson RB

41. Gus Edwards RB

42. D’Andre Swift RB

43. David Montgomery RB

44. Lamar Jackson QB

45. Kyler Murray QB

46. Adam Thielin WR

47. Cooper Kupp WR

48. Dontae Johnson WR

49. DJ Moore WR

50. Tyler Lockett WR

51. Courtland Sutton WR

52. Kareem Hunt RB

53. Aaron Rodgers QB

54. Tee Higgins WR

55. Chris Godwin WR

56. Brandon Aiyuk WR

57. Dak Prescott QB

58. Justin Herbert QB

59. Ryan Tannehill QB

60. Tom Brady QB

61. Kenny Golladay WR

62. Chase Claypool WR

63. Odell Beckham WR

64. Corey Davis WR

65. Mike Williams WR

66. Robby Anderson WR

67. Mark Andrews TE

68. T. J. Hockerson TE

69. Tyler Boyd WR

70. Matt Ryan QB

71. Matt Stafford QB

72. Melvin Gordan III RB

73. Javonte Williams RB

74. Sony Michel RB

75. Raheem Mostert RB

76. Jarvis Landry WR

77. Deebo Samuel WR

78. Logan Thomas TE

79. Kyle Pitts TE

80. Joe Burrow QB

81. Derek Carr QB

82. Marquez Callaway WR

83. Ronald Jones II RB

84. Miles Sanders RB

85. Washington DEF

86. Pittsburgh DEF

87. Tampa Bay DEF

88. Los Angeles Rams DEF

89. Myles Gaskin RB

90. Mike Davis RB

91. Jerry Jeudy WR

92. Curtis Samuel WR

93. William Fuller V WR

94. Dallas Goedert TE

95. Noah Fant TE

96. Leonard Fournette RB

97. Phillip Lindsay RB

98. Darrell Henderson Jr. RB

99. San Francisco DEF

100. Baltimore DEF

101. New England DEF

102. Miami DEF

103. Denver DEF

104. Cleveland DEF

105. Jalen Hurts QB

106. Ryan Fitzpatrick QB

107. Ja’Marr Chase WR

108. Juju Smith-Schuster WR

109. Antonio Brown WR

110. Tyler Higbee TE

111. Austin Hooper TE

112. Buffalo DEF

113. Indianapolis DEF

114. Irv Smith Jr. TE

115. Robert Tonyan TE

116. Evan Engram TE

117. Justin Tucker K

118. Harrison Butker K

119. Jason Sanders K

120. Matt Gay K

121. Younghoe Koo K

122. Ryan Succop K

123. Brandon McManus K

124. Tyler Bass K

125. Graham Gano K

126. Greg Zuerlein K

127. Daniel Carlson K

128. Rodrigo Blankenship K

May God always be your number 1 draft pick!

Draftman Rick

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